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How much will it cost to fit a kitchen? How much does it cost overall on average for a day labour to put in a flat pack kitchen?? Also how much should I be charged, if the man has quoted me that it he will be needed within four days??? Any help would be appreciated.

What is meant by reasonable payment schedule?

What is a reasonable payment schedule for a job of £9,000?

Should I go with the option of deposit on confirmation of wanting a builder to perfrom this work?

The job is estimated to consume in 3 weeks.

Extra Info: The builder which I was thinking of using has demanded for the following (I feel the 25% deposit is too high):

A deposit which is based on 25% of the total quotation (£9,000) is required on confirmation of the order, and 25% is given at the end of each week based on works completed.

Extra info: The builder is a member of FMB, so I am taking in as he won't run off with the deposit!

Extra info: I see what you are all talking about, but I am a good player, but I guess the builder don’t know this.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

5 x 3 meter single extension costs?

Can anyone of you provide me a rough idea of a single storey extension cost or price to the rear of a semi-detached house which is 3 meters out and 5 meters across, dual doors to garden, two sets of windows?

How to paint over a new plaster?

Currently I require doing a mist coat and second is to seal the plaster. I have been told to use white watered down emulsion for this. I have a full tin of magnolia matt paint lying in my area around, can I use this or does it have to be particularly white?