Construction  Jobs Online:

Watch My Build e market place, is a unique concept that matches home owners, property investors and developers, Estate management, landlords, local authorities and other property related companies with skilled professionals within the construction industry. Our platform provides a directory of local tradesmen, Surveyors, Project Managers, Planners, and Architects and other professionals, all of whom, can be commissioned to provide construction services.

Watch My Build also provides an ideal opportunity for business owners to generate leads and increase sales. Our unique market place can open the door to business opportunities and job creation in the construction industry.

Building Engineering:

Watch My Build connects those who are seeking support to plan, design and build the home of their dreams. Our platform provides a database of construction professionals. Our search engine, will match you to experts within our network, all of whom, are able to provide excellent service and the skills required to deliver the work you commissioned

Construction Services:

Watch My Build delivers property construction related services to clients around the world. Our unique e market place offers clients a comprehensive source of industry information, and Watch My Build’s extensive network of registered professionals, all of whom are ready to be commissioned to get the job done.

Project Planning:                                                                                                                             Watch My Build helps you achieve your project without boundaries, whether – in rural landscapes; in brand new communities or in urban locations. All projects will be delivered with a focus on excellence, quality and cost effectiveness. All our registered experts share these core values.

Watch My Build’s; network of skilled professionals include Project Planners and Managers, all of whom, can be commissioned to work with you to plan and manage your building project. 

Project Management:

Watch My Build e platform allow’s clients to view the actual progress of the work commissioned through a real time tracking system. In addition, access to daily reports also forms part of the system, which also, provides information on progress, cost evaluation, and project completion.

Client Satisfaction:

Once commissioned, you will receive daily reports and real time tracking of work progress. You will be able to view the building of your home online to monitor progress. “Watch My Build” believes in providing high quality work to all clients, with 100% completion of project, on time and to the highest of standards.